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PHEWWWWWWW ok. Many of you know that yesterday our Instagram account was hacked and held for ransom. For $310. Haha! I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I went back and forth with the hackers and made them very angry but asking them to meet in person, telling them if they want money from someone they should send a link on how to pay (business 101, people), and then letting them know it would take me a few days to count my bitcoins before I can get them mailed to them. They told me I was dumb and that I “write bad” and then told me they deleted all my photos. All they did was delete my bio and some of my DMs and luckily I’m fortunate enough to 1. Have a beautiful group of people (you all!) step up and report a problem to Instagram, and 2. Have an amazing friend who had a connect at Facebook who helped restore my account this morning. I’ve had this account literally since Instagram launched and it would have been a huge bummer to have it all deleted or sold off to someone else by a couple of dweebs. Anyway, all that to say THANKS FOR BEING HERE!! I also want to say that @devondadolycgs @kimberleejphoto and I are all shadowbanned here on IG (google it, I’m tired of explaining what it is) and it would mean a lot to us if you engaged with our photos, shared them, and if you don’t see us in your feed, head to our page every few days and like and comment if you feel like it. We are so appreciative of all the love we received last night after sending out our newsletter about the account being hacked. We love you. Thank you thank you thank you.

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