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Elke laatste week van de maand geef ik restorative yoga – de meest zachte, meest ontspannende vorm van yoga die er is. Je ondersteunt jezelf met bolsters, kussens en dekens. Je lichaam en je geest krijgen de ruimte om los te laten, te ontspannen en te verstillen…. Deze week deden we o.a. een twist, waarbij je je lichaam over een bolster (groot kussen) vlijt.Zodra ik de oefening heb voorgedaan, ga ik weer zitten om te kijken of iedereen haar weg weet te vinden. Een extra kussentje hier, nog een dekentje daar… en dan… zzzzz. Ontzzzzpannnnnn……. 🙂

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🥾🥾Accessible group hike: Kelley Point Park, Portland, Oregon ⇣ Our love of this land and the outdoors is where we build community. We gathered to give back. Picking up trash at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers felt like exactly the place we needed to be as residents of Portland. We acknowledged the original stewards of this stolen land––the Chinook, Cowlitz, Kalapuya and Atfalati––and collected donations for @naya_pdx, the Native Youth and Family Center of Portland. ⇣ Everyone was so eager! We had probably half regular joiners and half newcomers. After we finished our clean-up hike, we played Cornhole for some excellent Unlikely Hikers swag and prizes from @REI and @NextAdventure, both huge supporters of us. We built a fire, ate smores, drank cider and tea and made new friends. It was a BLAST! ⇣ #OptOutside started out as a movement to opt out of Black Friday shopping and get outside with loved ones. A nice idea that isn’t exactly feasible for folks who can’t afford *not* to get those deals, take the time off or refuse time-and-a-half. REI heard the community and went further. They still close their doors for the day and give their employees the day off with pay, but it’s now about simple lifestyle changes that can help all of us make changes for a healthier planet. I’ve linked this info in our “Know Better Do Better” story highlight. ⇣ Our event was #sponsored by @REI and created by COMMUNITY. ⇣ #forceofnature #outsidewithpride #fatandoutdoorsy #mybodytookmehere ⇣ Tag #unlikelyhikers to be featured!

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Ginamarie (she/her) is the Fat Girls Hiking Merch Queen! She’s also a huge support of all things behind the scenes of Fat Girls Hiking. Ginamarie says, “I’m Ginamarie…a fat Spanish/Indian woman, domestic goddess, mother to an adult badass woman and a couple fur babies, Personal Service Worker/In home Caregiver for adults with intellectual and physical challenges as well as aging adults, soon to be student for the first time in…well a long time, a friend, a crafter, a hiker, FGH community member and now Merch Queen! Being part of FGH has helped me redefine not only how confidently identify but how I choose to move through my days in my body. I am passionate about our mission and statement to all those who don’t ‘SEE’ us beyond our bodies…as if they are anything but GLORIOUS!!” . If you’re looking for some FGH merch Or are in the Portland-area and wanna donate to the FGH garage sale this summer, email her at: & visit the website for all the merch options: . Image description: [ close up photo of Ginamarie. Ginamarie stands smiling with a flamingo bandana on her head, her black hair in braids, wearing a backpack & black hoodie that says “Hiking is my therapy.” There’s a waterfall in the background. ]

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